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Hello everyone! The yearly community survey is back! You can finish it in ten minutes or less, you don't need to be a member of the wiki to participate, and  it's really helpful to us staff as a whole.…

The survey will be open until Sunday, May 7th, 11:59:59 PM EST. Credit goes to Cyantreuse, LurkD, and Drewbear for their hard work in creating it!

Thanks to everyone who participates.

Hello everyone! My name is subtletea, and I'm a Junior Staff on the SCP Wiki. From now until the forseeable future, I will be the one handling this group. If you have any questions, feel free to message me or get into contact with me under the same name on the SCP Wiki.

I've been reading SCP articles for about five years, since I came across the site through looking up other creepy web series such as Dionaea House and the Holders. What grabbed my attention was that anyone who wanted to could join in and make an account to contribute to the wiki. I'm excited to be able to give back as staff now and reach out to the DeviantArt community as well.

There will be some minor changes regarding rules of conduct and submission of art in the group, but nothing major and nothing that should affect anyone currently a member.

Also, as anyone who checks out my profile might see, I'm an amateur photographer. If any of you who see a photograph on my page and like it also want to write an SCP article about it, you will be welcome to use the photo in an SCP Article. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT YOU MUST BE 15 YEARS OR OLDER TO JOIN THE SITE OR THE MAIN CHAT.

Thanks you guys!

I know, this isn't the group for it really. But hey. We all have those weird moments in Containment breach.

So how about some story sharing?

I can remember having some good belly laughs at the games glitches. Like when the door to SCP-173's container didn't open and I was shot. Though technically if it never opened there would never be an containment breach. Logic. Secondly, I remember D-Class stacking themselves up on a table to the roof...

Good times.

So whats yours?

- Roth
I should probably mention that our entire member group was wiped, meaning we lost every member. The group kicked you out and that was the doing of the 'hacker'. Please note that we may be up and running again but that does not mean you are automatically added back to the group. Just send us another membership request. Thank you.

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You can find them on our front page, next to this journal. It is very important that your read them.

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We are up and running fully once again!

We're all set to continue accepting art and members into the group!

The page has been done up a bit.

You can also welcome back JetStrange back to their position as co-founder!

Next thing to do is rules so watch out for those! They will no doubt be put in the little box next to this journal on the front page.

- Roth